How To Safely Remove Asbestos

As mentioned on our home page, If you bought a Brisbane home that was built before 1980 chances are, it may contain asbestos which needs to be removed. Many homes that were built before the 1980s used asbestos for its construction because of its fire-resistant and insulating qualities. Asbestos was used to construct floors, ceiling tiles, ceilings, wall plasters, vinyl floor backings, floor mastics and many more. The truth of the matter is, asbestos won’t pose any danger as long as it is intact. It will only be considered a health hazard when asbestos fibres spread in the air. Asbestos can become airborne if the materials that contain asbestos are disturbed during repairs or renovations or when the material gets damaged.

What To Do If Your Home Has Asbestos

It can be extremely hard to know if your house has asbestos. If you suspect that your house may contain asbestos then you should consider hiring a licensed asbestos surveyor. Never attempt to test asbestos yourself because if you are not trained and licensed to do the job you may run the risk of releasing toxic fibres into the air while trying to get the samples.

What To Do If Your Home Has Asbestos

You can deal with asbestos in a number of ways without the need to have them removed. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends the following tips:

  • If the material that contains asbestos is not damaged in any way, just leave it as it is. Don’t do anything about it because if you attempt to move the material you may end up releasing asbestos dust into the air.
  • Carefully encapsulate the material that contains asbestos. Encapsulation is a technique used to confine the surface of the materials and stop the fibres from spreading into the air. This method is ideal if the material is non-friable and is in good repair. Make sure that it’s not crumbly. Otherwise, just leave it alone. This is not the ideal method to use if the material has already shown signs of deterioration.
  • Cover the material that contains the asbestos. You can put something over it like a new floor over the asbestos tiles or a sleeve to wrap around asbestos pipe insulation.

It is important to mention that you should hire a licensed professional to do the encapsulation and the repairing methods for your own safety and for the safety of the people in your home or building.

Precautionary Measures When Removing Asbestos

No one should attempt to remove asbestos unless that person is a trained and licensed asbestos removalist. Otherwise, your best option is to hire an asbestos removal company because asbestos is highly toxic and there is no safe level of exposure to this toxic mineral. Inhaling even just a few fibers has the potential to cause serious health conditions such as mesothelioma, lung cancer, and asbestosis. Unfortunately, there aren’t any known treatments or cure for mesothelioma. The best thing about hiring an asbestos removalist company is that you will have peace of mind knowing that the house you are living in is asbestos free. You can sleep soundly at night with the assurance that you are inhaling healthy air.